A brief history of Dunlop Flooring

We have been manufacturing in Australia since 1969 and have established ourselves as an industry leader in flooring solutions. Scroll through our biggest milestones from the last 50 years, and the road to becoming Australia's most trusted brand in flooring.  


Manufactures cotton dressing for motor and upholstery in South Melbourne

Joubert & Joubert invested in the first rebond underlay plant in Australia and launched the Omalay range



Manufacturing operations move from South Melbourne to Sunshine

The Springtred underlay range is launched

Dunlop Springtred is launched with 4 premium products available in the range, each offering a different level of comfort and support to suit your budget and your lifestyle. Each product has been specifically designed to make your carpet more comfortable, extra durable, and to help retain its appearance for longer.

View the Springtred range




Dunlop Flooring launches the CarpetMate underlay range

Dunlop Carpetmate launches an extensive range of foam carpet underlays to help make your carpet even more comfortable. With eight different combinations of density and thickness now available, you can choose the right level of comfort and support to suit your requirements.

View the CarpetMate range

Dunlop Flooring develops the first dual-bond latex plant in Australia in Dandenong



Dunlop Flooring wins the Banksia Foundation award for Waste Minimisation

Dunlop Flooring is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by helping to reduce landfill. Dunlop Underlay is manufactured from 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. In addition, we run our own recycling program, Recycle by Dunlop, encouraging retailers to return their used underlay to us.


Launch of the Heartridge Floors brand

Heartridge Floors by Dunlop is born from the belief that beautiful floors are the heart of any home. With floors are inspired by nature, designed to reflect the beauty and tranquility of the great outdoors, built to suit any decor or budget.

Learn more about Heartridge Floors




Launch new Dunlop Flooring brand

As Australia’s Trusted Brand in Flooring, behind the scenes, our team is constantly working to improve all our products and services. In 2017, heading into our 50th year, we took the opportunity to redesign our branding and digital footprint, launching all new websites, email marketing, and social channels across the business.

Onwards and Upwards

Consolidation of manufacturing sees Dunlop’s Wetherill Park site become the largest rebond foam underlay plant in the Southern Hemisphere.

Dunlop Flooring head office moves to a new purpose built location in Victoria.



Rebranding of Dunlop Underlay

We launch a refresh of the Dunlop Underlay brand, changing our logo and replacing the tagline 'Comfort for life' with the more customer-focused 'Choose comfort, choose Dunlop.'

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