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Dunlop History

A brief history of Dunlop Flooring.

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Australia’s Trusted Brand in Flooring

 For over 55 years, Dunlop Flooring has led the Australian market in floor covering solutions. Renowned for their sustainable practises and stringently monitored manufacturing processes, Dunlop Flooring are dedicated to providing high quality carpet underlay and hard flooring products for both residential and commercial markets.


Leaving a lighter footprint

Dunlop Flooring is committed to playing our part in reducing landfill and our overall impact on the environment. We recycle carpet underlay, and use recycled content within our underlay products. Dunlop underlays are made of 90% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. What’s more, we manage our own recycling program, Recycle by Dunlop, encouraging retailers to return their used underlay to us.

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