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Sustainable flooring that leaves a lighter footprint

Our mission is to drive sustainability through recycling and integrating eco-friendly practices into everything we do as a business.

EnviroFirst represents how much we care about our planet and are committed to protecting the environment by eliminating waste and pollution through recycling and sustainable manufacturing. We know that what we do today can help protect our planet for tomorrow, so we will continue to recycle everywhere possible to safeguard our environment for future generations.


Best Practice PVC

We are very pleased to announce that Dunlop Flooring has been awarded a Best Practice PVC Certification by Bureau Veritas for our entire range of Heartridge and Frontier Vinyl Plank and Hybrid...


A Healthier Home

Your home is a place of comfort. Dunlop Underlay recognises that this comfort also extends to factors that you can’t necessarily see, such as the air quality of your home. As such, Dunlop Carpet...


National Asthma Council approved flooring

We are proud to be a partner of the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program. Our Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl & Hybrid floors are an ideal choice for those who are at risk of allergy...


Recycling By Dunlop

Participating retailers collect old or discarded foam underlay, together with off-cuts and trims sent back to them, and deliver all of this to Dunlop Flooring. Here it is cleaned, sorted, and ultimately...

Dunlop Flooring are also certificated by:

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Vinyl Take Back Recycling Program

Dunlop Flooring is reducing landfill via our underlay recycling program and our Dunlop Flooring Vinyl Take Back Program which recycles our vinyl products at recycling depots around the country.

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Green Building Council

We are proud to announce we have been members of Green Building Council of Australia for 10 years! As a long-term supporter, we have helped to deliver healthy, resilient and positive places.
We take sustainability seriously and we are proud to be a long standing GBCA member to share our expertise, influence industry and learn from one another.