Introducing Recycler of the Month

As Australia’s largest recycler of polyurethane foam, Dunlop processes in a year enough foam to fill the MCG which would normally be sent to landfill.

In the last few years, we have also been collecting post consumer foam underlay from carpet retailers. These pull-ups are sent back to our factories for sorting and cleaning and are then used in the manufacture of new underlay. In line with our commitment to the environment, Dunlop invites all flooring retailers to do their bit for the environment by participating in the Recycle by Dunlop program.

Recycling your underlay couldn’t be easier; we will supply you with a large metal stand to place next to your current bin and extra large “bale” bags that fit neatly in the stand to hold the recycled underlay. Whenever you need to have some recycling picked up, simply notify customer service when you place your next order and we will collect it at the same time we deliver your new underlay. More recently Dunlop has introduced the