Dunlop AcoustiCushion is a sound choice in carpet underlays. It’s the perfect choice for multi-level residential living because it helps reduce the impact of noise through floors and ceilings by up to 69%, easily surpassing the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Our thickest foam carpet cushion yet, it makes your carpet more comfortable while also delivering outstanding sound insulation. It’s also a fantastic thermal insulator, which keeps your home warmer and helps reduce heating bills. And as you’d expect from a Dunlop carpet cushion, it improves carpet appearance and retention, extending the life of your carpet.


Multi-level residential buildings including townhouses, apartments, units and two-storey homes.


Classification AS 4288


Test Reports

A comprehensive range of test results are available including fire (CRF), acoustic (dB) and thermal (R value). For further information please contact our customer service team on
1800 622 293 or email

Features & Benefits

Makes carpet feel richer, thicker and more luxurious
Extends the life of your carpet by absorbing impact
Improves carpet appearance and retention
Acts as a thermal insulator
Improves acoustics by reducing noise transfer
Suitable for all floor types including heated slabs up to 40
Green Label accredited for indoor air quality
Ultra-Fresh treated to reduce mould, mildew and dust mites
Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable
Australian made
Guaranteed for the life of the carpet
Meets Auststralian Standards AS 42288-2003 for soft underlays