Dunlop Flooring wins BSA award


Dunlop Flooring Wins Banksia Sustainability Award 2013

Reducing our impact on the environment through our Recycle by Dunlop Program

Dunlop Flooring has been acknowledged amongst Australia’s most environmentally and sustainable organization’s by winning the 25th Anniversary Banksia Sustainability Award for our Recycle by Dunlop Program in the category of Waste Minimisation. This award recognizes leadership and innovation and our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and our carpet underlay recycling program. Dunlop not only reduces waste of polyurethane foam, we clean, sort and ultimately recycle into a new reusable carpet underlay. This sustainable building material is used in the places we live and work and provides “Comfort that Lasts”.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary the Banksia Sustainability Awards have earned the reputation as the most prestigious environmental awards in Australia. The awards acknowledge excellence, dedication and leadership in various areas that contribute to the environment and a sustainable future.

As Australia’s largest recycler of polyurethane foam, Dunlop Flooring processes in excess of 10,000 tonnes of foam per year, that’s enough foam to fill the MCG which normally would be sent to landfill. We are committed to playing our part in reducing landfill and our overall impact on the environment by providing the market with environmentally friendly solutions. We recycle carpet underlay, and use recycled content within our carpet underlay products. Dunlop underlays are made of 90% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. What’s more, we manage our own recycling program, Recycle by Dunlop, encourages retailers to return their used underlay to us.

In March 2011 Dunlop commissioned a study by the Evah Institute to measure how the recycling program helps stem the tide of global warming at that time is showed in 6 months we had saved approximately 1,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.
Using a vehicle calculator we found that the “Recycle by Dunlop” program over 5 years saved the same amount of CO2 emissions that 42,924 vehicles emit
Andrew Spence National Sales Manager, Dunlop Flooring commented on the win by saying “this award is a significant acknowledgement as a sustainable leader in Australia, it further supports our association with the Green Building Council of Australia and their Green Star program, our products meet their requirements achieving maximum rating points for building interiors”.

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AcoustiCushion – The Quiet Achiever


AcoustiCushion – The Quiet Achiever.

When it comes to multi-level living, the last thing people want is to hear noise from the floor above them. Whether it’s a townhouse, apartment, or two-storey home, the sound of footsteps, moving furniture, or falling items can be annoying to say the least. You can literally lose sleep over it. So as more and more people choose to live on top of each other, the issue of sound insulation has never been more important.

To solve this problem, the innovators at Dunlop Flooring have developed new Dunlop AcoustiCushion, their thickest foam carpet underlay yet. With over 40 years experience behind it, AcoustiCushion provides outstanding sound insulation with the added benefits of making carpet more comfortable and helping maintain its appearance.

Partnering carpet with AcoustiCushion is an excellent way to control reverberation in the home. Sound can build up within a room due to multiple reflections from hard surfaces. As a result, everyday environments such as open plan offices, homes, and schools can be noisy, and acoustically unpleasant if they are too reverberant.

AcoustiCushion combats this with millions of tiny air pockets that trap and absorb sound. Air is actually the best-known thermal and acoustic insulator in existence so the more air pockets in the underlay, the better. This abundance of air means that AcoustiCushion actually decreases noise impact through floors and ceilings by up to 68%, which easily surpasses the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia.

And AcoustiCushion is also a fantastic thermal insulator, keeping homes warmer, which also helps reduce heating bills. And as you’d expect from a Dunlop carpet cushion, it helps extend the life of carpet.

So for peace, quiet, and comfort, Dunlop Acousticushion is the ultimate sound system.

 AcoustiCushion (with carpet) records a level of 22db

2011 Australian Business Awards

Dunlop Flooring wins 2011 Australian Business Award

for “Best Eco-Friendly Product” for the Springtred Range of carpet underlays

eco-logoDunlop Flooring has been recognised among Australia’s most innovative organisations, winning the Australian Business Award for “Best Eco-Friendly Product” for 2011.

The Australian Business Awards challenges the full spectrum of private, public and non-profit sector organisations in Australia through its comprehensive business and product award categories.

Now in its sixth year, the Australian Business Awards program recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business and product excellence, corporate responsibility, sustainability and commercial success in their respective industries.

The Australian Business Award for “Best Eco-Friendly Product” recognises environmentally friendly products or services that demonstrate innovation and commitment to sustainable living.

Commenting on the win, Sean Forde the National Markeing Manager said: “this award recognises our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing, and our underlay recycling program. The Springtred carpet underlay range is an excellent example of the sustainability definition.”

Today the Dunlop Springtred range is Australia’s premier domestic carpet underlay range. Each underlay is specially designed to offer a different level of comfort and support, whilst importantly making a significant difference to the life of the carpet. Unlike other underlays on the market the Springtred range not only offers great cushioning and support but is also 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Tara Johnston, Program Director of the Australian Business Awards, said the standard of entries for 2011 was a testament to the strength and resilience of the Australian economy.

“Australian businesses continue to adapt business processes, invest in product development and develop initiatives that increase productivity and quality standards for all. The Australian Business Awards provide a welcome opportunity for organisations committed to business and product excellence to receive recognition throughout their respective industries for driving positive business outcomes,” said Johnston.

Acoustic Underlay for Timber flooring


Acoustic underlay for timber floors

Moisture control and noise levels are two of the major and recurring issues surrounding floating timber floors, impacting on their performance across many residential and commercial environments.

Dunlop Flooring’s timber underlay’s have gone through extensive testing by the CSIRO to determine their acoustic performance and compliance with the standard set by the BCA. Dunlop’s timber flooring underlay’s all exceed the standard

Our range of Underlay for timber floor includes;

Dunlop Timbermate a timber flooring underlay specially designed to reduce sound transfer whilst also providing added moisture protection. Recommended for use with most common laminate and engineered timber floating floors.

Dunlop Thermacoustic is a timber flooring underlay specially designed to offer an increased reduction in sound transfer whilst also providing added moisture and thermal protection, it is recommended with most common laminate and engineered timber floating floors where superior acoustic, moisture and thermal protection is required.

Dunlop Timbercushion is a specialist timber flooring underlay that provides superior acoustic performance within multistorey applications offering improved privacy and comfort levels for the occupants. Recommended with most common engineered wood and solid timber floating floors where superior noise reduction and resilience is required. Dunlop Timbercushion is treated with one of the world’s leading antimicrobial agents Ultra-Fresh, it offers protection from mould, mildew, fungi and bacterial growth for a more hygienic environment.

Dunlop Aquacoustic is a specialist timber flooring underlay that provides unsurpassed acoustic performance. Incorporating a 200 micron moisture resistant barrier Dunlop Aquacoustic also offers superior moisture protection. Recommended for use with most common engineered wood and solid timber floating floors where superior noise reduction, moisture protection and resilience is required.

Dunlop Flooring timber underlay range are Australian Made and guaranteed for the life of the flooring.