AcoustiCushion – The Quiet Achiever.

When it comes to multi-level living, the last thing people want is to hear noise from the floor above them. Whether it’s a townhouse, apartment, or two-storey home, the sound of footsteps, moving furniture, or falling items can be annoying to say the least. You can literally lose sleep over it. So as more and more people choose to live on top of each other, the issue of sound insulation has never been more important.

To solve this problem, the innovators at Dunlop Flooring have developed new Dunlop AcoustiCushion, their thickest foam carpet underlay yet. With over 40 years experience behind it, AcoustiCushion provides outstanding sound insulation with the added benefits of making carpet more comfortable and helping maintain its appearance.

Partnering carpet with AcoustiCushion is an excellent way to control reverberation in the home. Sound can build up within a room due to multiple reflections from hard surfaces. As a result, everyday environments such as open plan offices, homes, and schools can be noisy, and acoustically unpleasant if they are too reverberant.

AcoustiCushion combats this with millions of tiny air pockets that trap and absorb sound. Air is actually the best-known thermal and acoustic insulator in existence so the more air pockets in the underlay, the better. This abundance of air means that AcoustiCushion actually decreases noise impact through floors and ceilings by up to 68%, which easily surpasses the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia.

And AcoustiCushion is also a fantastic thermal insulator, keeping homes warmer, which also helps reduce heating bills. And as you’d expect from a Dunlop carpet cushion, it helps extend the life of carpet.

So for peace, quiet, and comfort, Dunlop Acousticushion is the ultimate sound system.

 AcoustiCushion (with carpet) records a level of 22db